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Embroidery in general


I just wanted to talk about embroidery in general. Most people see it as a way of putting a name on something...a towel or a pretty shirt. Its much more than that. Have you ever said oh the machine does all the work. They just put the colours on press the button and it does it itself.  Thats not true. The amount of hours that go into designing something just right for the customer. Making sure it reflects the personality of the item, who its going to. The time spent searching for just the right design to meet that customers needs....but its not work that is a drag its fun. And for those who find it fun its a passion.  

I am one of those people who treat my job as a passion. I will go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with your purchase. There is so many things we can make...so next time you want a gift think about some embroidery. Its colourful, its bright, its personal it has meaning and it lasts the test of time.

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Personalised towels and how you can use them!

Have you ever gone to a party and needed to take a gift only to think that person has everything. If its a child they love something with their name on their very own special towel thats just for them. We all know that names have taken a turn and there are more unusual and [...]

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Aprons - more than just a pretty accessory.

I recently came across this beautiful little article on facebook. I would love to know who wrote it and I hope they dont mind me putting it on my blog. Just goes to show that the apron is more than a pretty accessory.I remember my grandmother always wore an apron to bake and cook and [...]

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Markets are always a good way to get out and about and bring our product to you. I know as a customer myself when I am buying something or looking to buy something its much easier to make a decision when I can touch, feel and see the quality of the product. Many times I [...]

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New Year New Plans

Firstly...Happy New Year and welcome to 2016. Did you make resolutions? I tend not to as I never keep to them anyway. But one resolution I have made business wise this year is to bring new and exciting products to my customers and to keep everyone guessing what is coming next.With school going back in around [...]

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A time for reflection

As the end of the year approaches its a time of reflection and looking at the changes that we have gone through this year.  Not so many markets were attended..I am definitely looking to increase exposure through this avenue in 2016 and would welcome invitations or suggestions on amazing markets to attend. A new look [...]

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Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

So the cubbies have hit shores and they are amazing. To celebrate Christmas every cubbie purchased for a First Christmas will receive a free My First Christmas matching bib. 

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Farm Fantastic and the Market

So its been a really frantic time for me2me2 but fun all at once. I also co-ordinate a market called The Handmade Expo which I may have mentioned before. Well we had a pavilion at the recent Farm Fantastic Expo at Caboolture Showgrounds. 20 amazing handmade stalls with some really talented people.  Result - much [...]

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Lets talk about cubbies today....what are they and why do I sell them?Firstly the cubbie is an amazing snuggly little teddy bear that can be personalised with your very own message. Ever had that person that you want to buy a gift for and not sure what to get well this is unique.With many designs [...]

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Busy busy in 2015

Welcome to our first post for 2015!! Time certainly goes fast when you are having fun and fun is what me2me2 has been all about this year so far.Whats been happening!Well I have taken on the role of the co-ordinator of The Handmade Expo (www.thehandmadeexpo.com.au) in their Morayfield venue. This allows me to combine my love of handmade with others love [...]

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