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Markets are always a good way to get out and about and bring our product to you. I know as a customer myself when I am buying something or looking to buy something its much easier to make a decision when I can touch, feel and see the quality of the product. Many times I have had customers say "wow the cubbies are so much better in person" or they didn't realise something was the size it was or such good quality.

Its also a really lovely way to get out and about in the fresh air on the weekends and just enjoy the general market atmosphere when you get a lovely one together its great for customers and stallholders alike. 

This brings me to introduce you to the first market that me2me2 is attending this year. Its called Moo and Glue isn't that just the cutest name. Its the grand opening and it will be held in the Carindale PCYC car park and on the grassy area. It runs from 7am to 1pm and there are going to be approx 80 stalls attending from food to crafts and boutique items. You can find more information in the flyer on my facebook page.

Really looking forward to seeing you there. 

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